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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your brows are the frames to your face. Amazing Brows don't happen by chance, they happen by appointment.

Signature Hair Stroke Brows

& Microblading

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Our popular and in demand Hair Stroke brows mimic the look of a fuller eyebrow that is nicely groomed by tattooing tiny lines that look like hair. This is a great option for people wanting soft and natural looking definition. This technique can be done by microblading or using a machine. Method is determined by skin type for best results. 

 Price: $550.00

Solid Fill "Powder" Brows

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A classic option, solid fill brow technique mimics the look of eyebrow makeup like powder or brow pencil. The shape of the brows is made up of tiny dots that blur together to create a shimmer powder effect. This option is great for people looking to replace eyebrow makeup.

Price: $550.00

Combo Brows

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Combo brows uses both techniques of hair stroke and solid fill brows. Hair Strokes are tattooed in the front and then tapered into dotwork solid fill for a shimmer powder effect. This technique gives best of both worlds and gives that beautiful fade while still having sharp definition at the ends.

Price: $550.00

How long til you will need a touch up?

The average rate is 3-5 years. This all depends on the technique, skin type, skin color, and your lifestyle. Some clients feel they need a touch up within a year while others 7-10 years depending on all these factors which we will discuss during the consult. The tattooed makeup is permanent but without maintenance, it will fade over time to a lighter and duller vesion of it's original state. 

Maintenance pricing:
(only applies to work done by Rose Red technicians.)
After 1 year:
Brows: $275
Under 1 year touch up:
Brows: $170

*Prices subject to change*

Please note: Procedures pictured above are directly after the procedure and will appear darker then healed results. Some skin types retain the 'sharpness' of the hair stroke better than others. Hair strokes soften and fade slightly during healing for a more subtle look. We have the right to refuse any requested eyebrow shapes and design that we feel are not a apart of our vision of a natural look.

Check out our youtube channel for videos of our happy clients:

We are pleased to provide financing for permanent makeup procedures through United Medical Credit. You can get more information on their website at United Medical Credit. United Medical Credit offers affordable monthly payments, competitive interest rates, multiple financing plans to choose from and many more!